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These instructors make swim lessons a blast! They are all so kind and fun, that every kid enjoys the time in the pool!

Susanne Braun

Since we left Chicago we haven’t found anyone quite like Coach Kathy! She supports the whole swimmer, and family too; with forms and techniques to make strong and confident swimmers! She has a talent for making great connection with her students, especially those who are nervous at first. Kathy leads with grace, love and many years of high quality experience. Thank you Coach Kathy! 

Sarah Greve-Arabian

Really can't recommend this program enough.  In just 2 months my daughter has made such progress.  The class is disciplined yet fun.  She's challenged in a great positive way and absolutely loves the lessons.

Karen Murtagh

We love Coach Kathy, we were there from the very start but had to leave Chicago. In that little time that my kids swam with Kathy, their love for swimming and the water became part of them. They still miss her and remember her fun yet effective techniques, which form part of their training today! 

Audrey Aguilar Cruz

Thanks for the great swim instruction!  We both have upped our swim stroke thanks to you!

Terri Kasle LeRose

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