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Swim Clinics

We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced swim clinics.  The clinics are 1 hour long and your child will learn all four strokes. They will work on butterfly, breaststroke, as well as refine and further develop their freestyle and backstroke. These clinics are drill and technique-oriented. The following are some of the areas we continue to work on to improve your child’s swimming.  

  • Freestyle & Backstroke 

  • Breaststroke Kick (Whip Kick)

  • Breaststroke Arms

  • Breaststroke (Kick & Stroke Timing)

  • Body Dolphin Butterfly Kick

  • Butterfly Stroke

  • Butterfly (Kick & Stroke Timing)

  • Technique drills (used by swim teams)

Students must be approved in order to register for our swim clinics. Please contact us for more information.


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