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Mommy & Me (Infant Swim Lessons)

Our classes follow the Rob and Kathy McKay method of easy gentle progression of skills using songs and play. Every child progresses at his or her own pace and we see great success following this method. We have observed that the optimal age to start babies is between 8-12 months old. At this stage, the majority of infants are ripe in the water. They are comfortable and the water feels natural. These young babies still seem to have a memory of the fluid environment in the womb. However, a window of opportunity for smooth learning still exits up to approximately 18 months old (especially for water adjustment and initial submersions). A parent or caregiver is required to be in the water during the classes.  Our goal is to acclimatize each child to become comfortable in the water.  This is a wonderful bonding experience for both the child and parent to see and participate in the child’s learning.

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