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About Kathy Kelly

Kathy Crowley Kelly is an experienced swim teacher/coach/mentor bringing 30+ years of coaching and teaching swimming to downtown Chicago. Kathy is a third-generation Chicagoan and grew up in Wilmette, IL. She competed as an elite swimmer and qualified for the Olympic Trials for the Mexico City Games.

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The Latest And Most Effective Teaching Methods

In June 2011, looking for a pool from which to teach, good luck was on her side when she met David Carlins, an Iron Man Triathlete and President of Magellan Development. Dave offered Kathy the chance to train masters swimmers and triathletes at the incredible Aqua Building. That was the beginning of her swim school, Swim with Kathy. She offers classes based on the latest and most effective teaching methods. Working with age group swimmers on their technique is one of her favorite areas of teaching. 

Fun, Nurturing, And Safe Swim Lessons

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Kathy’s students learn to swim in a fun, nurturing, and safe setting learning skills they will enjoy for a lifetime. She and her team are passionate and encouraging teachers and their enthusiasm is contagious. They connect with their students and are excited to watch their progress.  
. Kathy trained with Rob and Kathy McKay in their innovative and child-centered infant/toddler learn to swim method. Kathy and her team are CPR certified.

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